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Look to the stars for guidance, wield a meteoric weapon and HUNT the VOID.

The VOID is a supplement for HUNT by Gila RPGs. Within you will find:

  • A new Hunt for your knightly Order to take
  • A Knightly Oath to read the fates written upon the stars
  • A Hammer forged from meteoric steel, and
  • A Beast corrupted by what lies beyond the stars

Oath of Stars

Those who take up the oath of stars swear to seek foresight for the Order. The oath requires the Knight to spend long years studying the movements of the heavens to pry knowledge and omens from the stars. Returning to the monastery the Knight brings back knowledge of new or dying stars and the events they foretell, adding new spheres to—or removing dead ones from—the ever changing armillary that hangs heavy in the monastery's hall.

The Hammer

This weapon was crafted from fiery steel that fell from the stars, destroying miles of the forest in its wake. The Things that crawled from the crater it left behind defied all description. The hammer was sealed away after its use wrought the same destruction and caused those very same Things from beyond the stars to crawl from stone and soil once more.

The Beast

Corrupted by what lies beyond the stars, this Beast is otherworldly and unknowable. It commands the crushing void, and the cold of dead stars.


Writing & Design: Matthew John

Art: Galen Pejeau (https://nightjargames.itch.io/)

Created for HUNT by Spencer Campbell (@GilaRPGs). This product is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.

Uses HUNT templates provided by Mike Rieman.

The VOID was submitted to the HUNT Jam

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
TagsDark Fantasy, Fantasy, hunt, knight, lumen, One-shot, Supplement, Tabletop role-playing game


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Used Hammer in a game lately; players loved it, but felt like Tether didn't have that many consequences (maybe I was just running it wrong). Still, it (and the other stuff) are rad.

I'm so glad you got to use it and it was enjoyed! You are absolutely correct, I completely missed putting in a thematic cost to the use of that ability. I'll be putting one in during the next update to the file. Not sure how I missed that. You absolutely did not miss something or run anything wrong, this is totally on me.

Thanks again for giving the weapon a spin.


Okay, groovy! Let us know when it gets added, I'd be interested to see what it is