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A Sinful Cowardice.
o take one's life is a heresy to the Church.
To ask of others to do this act, and for them to do so, is a far deeper sin.
Or so says the Church.
Others say otherwise.
And many followed their words.

In the gloam of tangled Sarkash, a band of Scum find the tattered remains of a map leading to what became the crypt of MARGAR VEIT - infamous botanist, alchemist, necromancer.
Denounced by the Church for HERESY, MARGAR was hunted by the inquisition, but never found. Until, perhaps, now.
Deep beneath the warming soil, MARGAR VEIT sleeps in fitful death, bound to this place. Even now, they await others to continue their work, flourishing in the black soil above. Even now, they still fear the retribution of the church.

Will the hapless Scum who happen upon this place do MARGAR's bidding, or finish the work of the church?

The Crypt of the Heretical Botanist Margar Veit was first designed as a trifold pamphlet dungeon for easy printed on the go access. Included in the files are a printer friendly black and white version of the trifold, and a digital version for easier use on smartphones and tablets.

The Crypt of the Heretical Botanist Margar Veit  is an independent production by Matthew John and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

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The Crypt Of The Heretical Botanist is a short, linear dungeon crawl for Mork Borg that's dripping with substance and flavor.

Crypt's is 6 pages, with big, splashy, vibrant aesthetics. Interestingly, it uses that soul-searing yellow as its dominant color and default white to counterpoint it, and it looks nice! The white makes the text hyper-readable, and the yellow as a page fill makes the book aggressively attention-grabbing. There's also a lot of custom graphics and maps throughout, and they give a great sense of character and place to the adventure.

Contents-wise, there's a lot here. Roll tables for rumors, new enemies, cool items, and an optional boss with a really mean but clever gimmick. The dungeon has a solid plant theme, but it's not one note, and there are some other weirdnesses present. However, the dungeon's one major trap and puzzle are quite brutal, and it feels quite plausible that the PCs might leave early due to heavy casualties or getting stumped. If your group likes really classic osr adventures, you'll have a great time here.

For parties that do reach the bottom, there are branching endings based on the party's choices, and a heck of a campaign hook in the form of a basilisk-killing poison.

Overall, Heretical Botanist cleaves *very* close to Mork Borg core in its tone. There's no deliberate wackiness in its writing. It has a solid sense of atmosphere and gloom. And death within its pages is very easy to come by. If your group likes somber and deadly and you're looking for a drop-in adventuring location, a one-shot, or a campaign hook, Crypt Of The Heretical Botanist is a really solid choice and absolutely worth adding to your mork library.


Sorry to put this here, couldn't find another way to contact you directly.

You might want to check the numerals on your digital pdf.


Thank you, my god that's glaring, and I'm unsure how that got past me. That will definitely be fixed in the next version that's coming out in a day or so time along with a few other errors I've since noticed.

Thank you for contacting me about it, because I don't think I would have seen it.